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A Wonderful Country The Quetico-Superior Stories of Bill Magie


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Transcribed, edited, and arranged by Dave Olesen. Illustrations by Bill Nelson When Bill Magie began taking canoe trips in the wild country along the Minnesota-Ontario border, there were places where the lakes were so crowded with logs heading to the mill that his group put their gear on a horse-drawn wagon to portage to a spot where they could paddle. There were other places where they could travel for two or three weeks and see no one except the occasional Indian family. Take this book on your next canoe trip, and imagine Bill has joined you, spinning tales of lumberjacks and trappers, surveying the border, flying bush planes when flying at all was a novelty, camping before nylon and plastic and freeze-dried food, hunting and fishing when you succeeded or went hungry. And know that the spirit of those who have loved this pace lives on as today’s paddlers discover what a wonderful country this is.

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