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Free live streaming by UstreamWelcome to Ely, MN and the new North American Bear Center which just opened in the Spring of 2007. Those of you who have been fortunate enough to have visited there know how very unique such an exciting, entertaining and educational such an opportunity is. The Ely community owes a great deal to Dr. Lynn Rogers and all of the volunteers at the center who make this such a wonderful experience for the whole family. From the beginning of the Center and before at the Wildlife Research Institute, Lynn Rogers, “The Man Who Walks with Bears,” has made himself available to discuss Black Bear research with anyone and everyone regardless of their knowledge level. When you experience the North American Bear Center, Dr. Rogers award winning Black Bear photos, the high definition video presentations, and personally view the behavior and antics of Black Bears up-close and safely behind protective glass in the spacious viewing area or from the elevated observation deck outside, you will definitely go away with a new view of nature and Black Bears in particular.